Being and remaining independent is at the forefront of all services performed by Metri for its clients*, employees and stakeholders. We guarantee independence in every means of support we provide within the IT Benchmark, IT Intelligence and IT Sourcing services.

From its inception, Metri has been privately owned without external assets and with healthy liquidity. By continuously training its employees in, among other things, independent thinking, this core value is actively maintained. Sometimes this leads to a sharp dialogue with involved parties that are tackled through our other core values “connecting” and “integrity”.

Metri’s right to exist is built upon the fundament of data and facts. It collects this data by purchasing information (facts), conducting market research and through client assignments. Data used in an assignment is always anonymous and cannot be traced to an individual source. The interests of the customer are paramount, however, the interests of the parties involved are also taken into account.

* Clients of Metri are usually on the demanding side, may be also be on the supplying side. Metri never works for both the customer and the supplier during the same contract request or assignment