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How to Measure Business Value for Agile Teams

Auteur(s): Lucas Blom

Webinar | On-Demand

IT teams that have adopted Agile are benefitting from faster delivery cycles and more flexible systems. Despite the improved capabilities that Agile brings enterprises, IDC Metri, the leader in helping organizations realize the full value of their IT functions, has found that most companies would see a significant jump in performance if they applied quantitative assessment techniques to manage Agile efforts.

Watch the webinar to learn more about these processes and how easy it is to implement them while receiving strategic guidance around:

  • How to gain predictability, control and visibility into high-profile Agile projects
  • How monitoring and assessing Agile teams can control budgets, increase delivery speed and quality and ensure a minimum viable product
  • How building quantitative performance metrics into supplier contracts delivers improved cost, quality and performance from third-party development partners

When scaling and delivering Agile practices is vital to business success, you don’t want to miss IDC Metri’s insights on how to better impact your bottom line by realizing the full value of Agile development.

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