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Follow the facts

Auteur(s): Bram Schrier

In the course of this corona year, a commotion arose. A somewhat hastily drawn up contract for the supply of 100 million mouth masks turned out not to be quite as promised, and on top of that they turned out to be lying unused in the warehouse because of inadequate quality. The Dutch research organization Follow The Money (FTM) revealed that the entrepreneurs behind the deal had made a lot of money, in contrary to what they reported in the media. A nasty situation that left the government with empty pockets and hands full of poor quality mouthpieces.

“When in doubt, follow the money!” is FTM’s slogan, and it works. Numerous organizations and individuals have been subjected to FTM’s investigative journalism in the past and ended up in the news in a negative way. Everything you do (but certainly also what you don’t do) leaves financial traces. Often – especially in a situation of poor record keeping – a good sketch can be made of what happened or what didn’t happen.

The same goes for IT; everyone knows the examples of projects that take far too long or a legacy application/suite that sucks all the energy and money out of the (IT) organization. It is then often very helpful to quantify these inconveniences and make them transparent. Apart from the fact that such an overview enables you to mirror the expenses with the strategy, it also forms a useful source for drawing up the next steps. Not based on gut feeling but on data.

And that is what we stand for at IDC Metri: When in doubt follow the facts! Properly substantiated advice based on market data enables you to really get back into control. Whether this is based on a benchmark of an (IT) contract, the assessment of the private cloud environment or a 360⁰ evaluation of the sourcing strategy; data is the foundation of every organization. Data gives you insight into where you are now, and only when you know that can you determine where you want to go and how you want to achieve that.

That’s why at IDC Metri we don’t just look in the rear-view mirror, but also ahead. Because based on market standards and developments it is very possible to say where the market is going, and what the developments in each domain are. IDC’s recent acquisition of IDC Metri has also greatly broadened the research potential in the area of market trends.

Now all that remains is to build the bridge between the current situation and what it should be. There, too, IDC Metri stands out as a vendor agnostic mediator in the areas of vendor selection and contract management. Carried out by a driven group of specialists with a great deal of knowledge of the subject matter, but ultimately all built on the foundation we call data.  

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