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IDC European CISO Summit

IDC’s European CISO Summit 2022 will be held in Switzerland in November, this will build on the success of our Digital edition in 2021 with a physical event to bring together security leaders to share experiences, learn new techniques and upgrade their strategies to exploit the latest innovative and advanced security techniques and mindset change to help raise levels of resilience and digital trust.

There are three main themes that businesses are looking at with care and attention: Trust, Security and Data Sovereignty​. Trust has become a key aspect for businesses to measure and part of this involved security and privacy. The role of the CISO has evolved to becoming the Guardian of a Company’s Trust metric​. Resiliency is a vital component for being able to withstand disruption, which comes from all directions (pandemic, supply shortage, inflation, extreme weather, massive scale cyber attacks)​.

Data sovereignty is important especially in Europe with local and EU regulations, and there is an evolving discussion around digital sovereignty​. These three themes impact vendor security portfolio and approaches having a material impact on the commercial and structural evolution of platforms, products and services; with for example Security-as-a-Service. 360-degree security has become a necessity with multi-layered approached offering the best protection.

In terms of specific areas, IDC identifies identity, MSS, OT/IT convergence, Security-as-a-Service, Zero Trust, and Cloud security as key pillars underpinning a comprehensive strategy. There is also growing attention to measuring and reducing risk and creating trustworthiness measurements for supply chains partners and third parties. We expect new European legislation around third party security and risk auditing.

Link to the event: https://www.idc.com/eu/events/69349-idc-european-ciso-summit-2022

IDC Enterprise Applications

Enterprises are beginning a wave of technology modernization as they respond to a changing business environment and look to replace outdated applications. There are pressures to boost innovation, build resilience and improve customer and employee experience – all without increasing cost.

This wave of change, that for many organizations will mean moving a large proportion of their applications to the cloud presents a once in a decade opportunity to re-architect the enterprise, cleanse data and remove the complexities of the past.

Organizations face a multitude of choices though, both in terms of their future architecture and how to get there. During this event we will discuss the key decisions, what the options are, which ones organizations are choosing and why.

Join IDC’s Future of Enterprise Application digital event on November 29th 2022 to be inspired and learn more about:

  • What are the drivers and trends in the markets? What shifts are expected?
  • What innovation is critical to the market and how is it shaping the future? What are the next innovative opportunities?
  • What do buyers need to make software offerings more appealing to them? How does this shift during and in the next five years?
  • What business strategies are evolving as organizations migrate to the cloud, become more digitally resilient, and move to next-generation technologies?

Link to the event: https://www.idc.com/eu/events/69571-idc-enterprise-applications-nordic-benelux

IDC Future of Infrastructure – Kamerik

The future of digital infrastructure is cloud in all its forms: private, hybrid and multicloud including edge. To use cloud successfully, organizations need to align their digital infrastructure with their business strategy and master 7 aspects of cloud:

1. Digital innovation and industry cloud
How do you build new digital products and services on your cloud platforms? How do you drive innovation in your industry and exchange data with customers and partners? How do you develop and run cloud-native applications in the most efficient way?

2. Application modernization

What is the right strategy for each application type? What should you do about ERP and mainframe workloads?

3. Data
How do you manage your data from the edge to the cloud in hybrid and multicloud architectures?

4. Intelligent CloudOps
How do you operate and govern a complex edge to cloud environment? How do you keep costs under control with CloudFinOps?

5. Skills
Should you develop skills internally or buy them through a managed service?

6. Digital sovereignty and regulations
What is coming down the line in terms of regulations and how can you execute on it?

7. Sustainability
How can you optimize your digital infrastructure for sustainability and how does the move to cloud help with sustainability accounting?

The move to cloud is no longer just a technology decision but increasingly a business decision that has a huge transformational potential for the entire organization. Strategy, skills, and culture are just as important for success as choosing the right technologies.

Change is the only certainty in IT, and to be ready to cope with change, future digital Infrastructure will need to be able to identify, analyze and respond to shifting requirements with minimal or no human intervention, in order to deliver at scale. The future of digital infrastructure will be a new way of looking at how to build, operate and enhance IT infrastructure in an integrated stack that is focused on application delivery, resiliency and flexibility.


Join & be inspired!

The conference will be held in Kamerik on the 23rd of November 2022, bringing together IT professionals to:

  • Share experiences.
  • Be inspired on how to build business success on the Cloud.
  • Discuss the management trends, challenges, and technology building blocks in enabling successful hybrid multicloud environments.
  • Learn what the impact of multicloud transformation is on datacenter infrastructure.
  • Discuss what drivers and barriers will influence Infrastructure transformation.
  • Share thoughts about developing skills and the cultural change that follow the change in technology platform.
  • …and a lot more!

Link to the event: https://www.idc.com/eu/events/70138-idc-future-of-infrastructure-2022#category_7