Scaling and delivering Agile practices is vital to business success as competitors continuously digitally transform, but many organizations find Agile development is challenging to manage and measure especially compared with traditional development models like Waterfall. Due to the nature of Agile development, it is often hard to assess whether an Agile effort will deliver a minimum viable product within the cost profile, quality and security needs of the business. Managing and delivering value with Agile requires a quantitative set of processes (atypical for Agile), and with the necessity for companies to digitally transform, underperforming at Agile puts your company at a competitive disadvantage.  

Join Per Melker, SVP and GM of IT Executive Programs and Daniel Saroff, VP of Consulting, both from IDC Metri, as they give their top three insights for enterprises to realize the full value of Agile development. Taken from years of experience helping your industry peers address challenges and achieve success, the strategic guidance in this webinar will show you that while agile teams and management often have different reference points, they need a unified view for success, and it’s easier to obtain one than might be realized.   

Topics discussed:   

  • How to gain predictability, control and visibility into high-profile Agile projects
  • How monitoring and assessing Agile teams can control budgets, increase delivery speed and quality and ensure a minimum viable product 
  • How building quantitative performance metrics into supplier contracts delivers improved cost, quality and performance from third-party development partners