Relations of METRI, the top 250 organizations of the Netherlands, ask us to validate and compare (benchmark) their ICT budgets with the market, to help them with strategic sourcing issues and to support them with business cases and to rationalize their application landscape

Everyone talks about agile, but no organization is able to steer ‘ agile ‘ on output and pre-determined targets; productivity, velocity and quality in the application chain (development and maintenance). Agile development is actually more expensive than traditional if you don’t measure and control the team performance. METRI has mobilized its ecosystem to automate agile environment measurement, always based on international standards (for instance function points) and industry best practices. METRI offers services like Agile Team Performance Monitor and Software Cost Estimation, where it teams up with the world’s leading providers of technology, ensuring the best services for our customers. Predicting the cost and turnaround time of new environments and monitoring the cost of application development and maintenance as well as the application quality. The facts speak for themselves; by using our method, efficiency savings are achieved from 35 to 65 percent of the applicative expenditure!

METRI sets up Data Strategy Rooms to present the right steering information at every level (CEO, CFO, CIO, IT Management) through predefined KPI’s. This is where expertise and data come together, the core of our company; to support our customers effectively and support their strategic choices and daily control with facts and data.


We use our powerful quartet to make better business IT decisions:

“For many large organizations in the Netherlands MET is a course-determining partner who has the tough facts behind every IT solution and can handle it.”



“IT starts with the facts and at the end IT is all about people”

“METRI combines information from multiple sources to provide independent and practically applicable information that helps CxOs and IT managers make decisions. Fact based, of course.”


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