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Accelerate software value creation by hyperautomated requirements analysis.

Auteur(s): Harold van Heeringen

Benchmarking and consultancy organization Metri and ScopeMaster® technologies have entered into a exclusive collaboration for the Dutch market. Companies that are seeking to reduce risk on large projects, and cheaper, better, faster software development, can now benefit from the combined experience and wisdom of Metri and the hyperautomation of requirements analysis and measurement from ScopeMaster. According to Colin Hammond, CEO of ScopeMaster: 

“We are delighted to have signed this agreement with Metri. Metri has a philosophy we share about driving transparency and measurement in IT work.

Metri also has an excellent background as software measurement experts. We look forward to working together to improve Metri’s capability and bring more transparency to IT work, especially for organizations in the Netherlands that want to use the power of ScopeMaster® to determine software size and quality of requirements at an early stage of the development cycle.”

Colin Hammond

Recent research by Accenture shows that 35% of production disruptions originate from incomplete or unclear requirements. Finding and repairing defects in the User Stories as early as possible therefore saves a lot of money and effort. ScopeMaster is a SaaS solution that measures the quality of User Stories fully automatically. ScopeMaster is the winner of the Computing DevOps Excellence 2020 award.

Scientific research has shown that this significantly improves the predictability of agile teams compared to the usual Story Points. Metri also uses the measured size in its Cost Estimation and Agile Team Performance studies.

According to Harold van Heeringen, Principal Consultant IT Intelligence services at Metri, the partnership offers Metri the opportunity to deliver even more value.

“In addition to the automated measurement of team performance, we also help the teams to improve in a targeted manner. In this way we help our customers to maximize the delivered business value for the spent budget and we also ensure a predictable and the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership of the applications ”.

Harold van Heeringen

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